Distributor of the year

2017 has been an exciting year at Asynt; with some amazing new products, new team members, and a whole wealth of developments it’s been amazing!

Our network of distribution partners has grown and you can buy Asynt products locally all over the world – you can see a complete list of all these partners on our website here:  https://www.asynt.com/distributors/

We have a close relationship with our distribution partners and do all we can to support them in the market place.  One of these partners, Cloup, has shown such commitment to bringing the Asynt products to the chemistry audience in France that we were minded to design the first ever “Distributor of the Year Award” for 2017.

You can see Martyn Fordham, Asynt Managing Director, present the award to Cloup in our video below:

Thank you to Muriel and the team at Cloup!