Safe, effective and reproducible photochemical reactors for all of your Photochemistry requirements, based on high power LED arrays, for batch screening processes.

Our range of LightSyn Photochemistry tools are ultra-safe with intuitive setup for a wide variety of conditions.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, they are ideal for those wishing to perform single or parallel photochemical reactions.
See the NEW LightSyn Lighthouse for batch photochemistry.

This includes the new LightSyn PhotoFLOW modules for the fReactor platform which allows scientists to carry out Photochemistry and Flow Chemistry simultaneously.

Worldwide shipping – our logistics experts deliver!

  • fReactor PhotoFLOW photochemistry in Flow Chemistry module. From Asynt, worldwide sustainable lab equipment and services.

    fReactor PhotoFLOW photochemistry reactor for Flow Chemistry

    Unlocking photochemistry in Flow Chemistry

  • LightSyn Illumin8 Parallel Photoreactor for up to 8 reactions

    Screen 8 reactions, interchangeable wavelength cartridges

  • LightSyn Lighthouse benchtop batch photochemical reactor from Asynt - worldwide delivery

    LightSyn Lighthouse Photoreactor for Single or Screening Use

    Light-rod technology for direct illumination of your sample

  • LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling Base

    LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base

    Cooled photochemical reactions to -30 oC

  • LightSyn Lighthouse Heating Cooling Base from Asynt - complete temperature control of your photochemical reactions

    LightSyn Lighthouse Cooling/Heating Base

    Temperature controlled batch photochemistry

  • PhotoVap photoreactor for use with rotary evaporators. Designed by Nottingham University UK

    PhotoVap PhotoReactor For Rotary Evaporators

    Use a standard rotary evaporator as a thin film photo reactor!

  • PhotoSyn photoreactor module for flow chemistry from Asynt laboratory supplies UK

    PhotoSyn LED photoreactor lamp module

    High power LED photoreactor lamp module for continuous flow applications