Managing Scale

Whether you’re considering scale up in a pressure vessel, a laboratory reactor, or a benchtop vial – just as a handful of examples – our team are experts at managing scale.

What do we mean by that?  As chemists ourselves we understand that the scale of your apparatus has a huge impact on your reaction, and the desire for flexibility regarding the different scales at which you can work with one piece of equipment is very common.  By future-proofing your equipment for scale-up you’re not just saving cash from your hard-fought-for budget, but working more effectively as a sustainable laboratory.

We can guide you through the ways and means with which we can design your bespoke system (or even adjust a turn-key product), managing scale to make it more versatile and handle the change from little to large and back down again as the scale of your reaction grows.

  • bespoke flexible pressure reactor systems from Asynt laboratory equipment design and manufacture

    Flexible Pressure Reactor Systems

    Making working under pressure a pleasure

  • ReactoMate multi-scale laboratory reactor systems

    Multi-scale Laboratory Reactor Systems

    Customise your laboratory reactor system

  • Tailored heating & cooling solutions from Asynt chemistry

    Tailored Heating & Cooling

    Ultimate control over working temperatures