Bespoke Design & Engineering

We offer a full bespoke design & engineering service.  Using the latest technology, we work closely with scientists to create exciting new products which meet a previously unfulfilled requirement.

We can help develop your ideas and, by combining our expertise with yours, create practical and innovative new tools that may be in the form of one-off custom designs or could evolve into a commercial product that can benefit a wider audience. We call this the “Asyntise” process.

We have a huge range of skills and expertise in a multitude of areas, from chemistry, mechanical engineering & design, scientific glassblowing, electronics and more and we’re able to put all of our experts to work on your project.

Whether you simply need a customised oil-free heating block or a complex pilot scale pressure system, talk to us today to find out how we can Asyntise the issues and use our bespoke design and engineering know-how to bring your solution to life!

Worldwide shipping – our logistics experts deliver!