Since its’ establishment in 2003, the company has been able to provide a great range of laboratory equipment solutions at the right price, which meet the diverse needs of our customers. The company has professional technical and sales personnel who will design system solutions according to customers needs alongside skilled maintenance engineers who provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services.

Over the years, due to our technical expertise, scientific knowledge, professional installation and commissioning services and meticulous after-sales service, SMS has won the majority of users from major universities, research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, medical research departments and many pharmaceutical, petroleum and chemical companies. We believe in support and trust.

Additional contact details:

Guangzhou 511400
Tel: +86 20 89225797
Email: [email protected]
Shanghai 200072
Tel: +86 21 56621025
Email: [email protected]
Shufeng Chen, Managing Director at SMS Instruments and Equipments co,. Ltd - Asynt distribution partner in P.R. China
We are pleased to offer the Asynt range of laboratory apparatus to scientists in China as we know that everything is designed with the scientist in mind, and manufactured to the highest standards.  Having worked with Asynt for many years, the SMS Instruments team offer first-class knowledge of the range in addition to their own local knowledge and expertise.

Shufeng Chen, Managing Director

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