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A fresh outlook in chemistry technologies

Asynt is a global provider of world-leading technologies and services for scientific research. Developed by chemists for chemists, our laboratory equipment responds to the real demands of industry and academia worldwide, providing solutions from benchtop to kilo lab scale and beyond.


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Ultra-safe 8 position photoreactor with complete temperature control & easily-interchangeable wavelength modules


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Press Releases

Asynt January 2023 Newsletter

Posted on: January 11, 2023 Asynt January 2023 Newsletter

We’re almost half way through the first month of the year already so it’s time for the Asynt January 2023 newsletter.  This is a packed edition with loads to interest you on your coffee break so sit back and take a look! Continue reading

Asynt December 2022 Chemistry Newsletter

Posted on: December 16, 2022 Asynt December 2022 chemistry newsletter

As the end of the year draws closer, it’s time for the Asynt December 2022 Chemistry Newsletter.  There’s plenty of useful topics this month but we urge you NOT to read the final article with the link to our…. er….. fabulous….. Asynt Christmas video. Continue reading

A Guide to Safety & Best Practices for Laboratory Hotplates

Posted on: January 25, 2023

Hotplates in the laboratory pose risks such as burns, electrical shocks, fires, and other hazards. Therefore, we have put together this guide of ten safety tips and best practices for using hotplates in a laboratory. Continue reading

A Guide to Safety & Best Practices for Laboratory Hotplates

What Role Does Flow Chemistry Play in API Manufacturing?

Posted on: January 12, 2023

Manufacturing APIs with continuous flow reactors provides several critical benefits over batch reactors – read on to find out more. Continue reading

flow chemistry in API

Multicell HPR Evaluation relating to published paper: The Key Role of the Latest N-H Group in Milstein’s Catalysts for Ester Hydrogenation

Posted on: January 10, 2023

Prof. Anthony Chianese from Colgate University (NY, USA) has reported that the university chemistry department have used kinetic data taken from the Asynt Multicell 10-position high pressure laboratory reactor in three recently published papers. One of these papers, “The Key Role … Continue reading

DrySyn Sustainability Report, University of Liverpool

Posted on: November 30, 2022

DrySyn Sustainability Report:  DrySyn Multi systems allow up to 3 reactions to be carried out simultaneously using the same hotplate. Should the efficiency be unaffected, DrySyn would therefore be ideal to reduce the number of hotplates used and reduce energy … Continue reading

DrySyn Sustainability Report, University of Liverpool

Game changing SmartChemistry® technology utilises clean heating system to unlock the power of quality data in the lab

Posted on: December 22, 2022

Asynt reports how the deepmatter® Group have developed the cloud-based SmartChemistry® platform to share chemical reaction and sensor data direct from the laboratory to allowing analysis of this information on an unprecedented scale. Continue reading

3 heated reactions, no oil: UK University Chemists cuts energy consumption in half & improve sustainability

Posted on: November 29, 2022

The Central Teaching Laboratories and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Liverpool (UK) has published an in-depth study that reports upon their implementation of Asynt laboratory equipment across multiple undergraduate teaching modules as they strive to meet their … Continue reading

3 heated reactions, no oil

RSC BMCS Mastering MedChem VII

Date: March 22, 2023

The RSC MBCS Mastering Medicinal Chemistry VII symposium is the latest in an ongoing series of conferences and we can’t wait! Will you be attending? Continue reading

MCS Mastering MedChem VII: 7th RSC-BMCS Symposium

John S Fossey Memorial Symposium

Date: March 29, 2023 - March 30, 2023

The John S Fossey Memorial Symposium is taking place in March 2023 to recognise the high esteem in which this remarkable chemist was held. We’ll be there – will you? Continue reading

John S Fossey memorial symposium 2023

Working with scientists all around the world for more sustainable laboratory equipment & solutions: Since inception, we have developed the DrySyn range (a clean, safe alternative to oil baths and heating mantles) both reducing costs in purchasing/disposal of oil and a 35% reduction in energy consumption, and the CondenSyn range of waterless air condensers which are used all around the world in place of traditional water condensers. Going water-free is saving gallons of water (and cash) from flowing straight down your drain.

A fresh outlook in chemistry technologies
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