DrySyn Classic and DrySyn MULTI oil-free heating block system laboratory equipment from Asynt
Asyntise your lab: bespoke design and engineering for your laboratory equipment from Asynt
DrySyn Illumin8 Parallel Photoreactor from Asynt UK photochemical reactor
DrySyn Spiral Evaporator - evaporate even high boiling solvents without bumping. From Asynt laboratory equipment UK
single high pressure reactors parallel high pressure reactors laboratory pressure reactors from Asynt chemistry
CondenSyn waterless air condensers to replace Leibig condensers for synthetic chemistry refluxing
ReactoMate controlled lab reactors from Asynt UK Jacketed lab reactors for scale up
fReactor flow chemistry platform accessible to all chemists from Asynt UK
XELSIUS 10 individual cell reactor from Asynt chemistry

A fresh outlook in chemistry technologies

At Asynt, our aim is to develop, supply and support new and novel laboratory equipment and services worldwide.


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Working under pressure

Single and multi position pressure reactors

Martyn Fordham gives an overview of the range of high pressure reactors that Asynt offers for use in the laboratory.
All manufactured in the UK.


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Press Releases

Asynt newsletter June 2021: jam packed with great chemistry!

Posted on: June 11, 2021 Asynt newsletter June 2021

It’s summer time and lab life is pretty hectic but we have a great chemistry read for you this month with the Asynt newsletter June 2021. Continue reading

Gambica – Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation & Lab Technology

Posted on: June 10, 2021 Gambica

Asynt join renowned trade association, Gambica. Read on to find out why you should care! Continue reading

fReactor Flow Chemistry Paper

Posted on: June 11, 2021

New paper where a telescoped Z-selective cross-metathesis/Dieckmann cyclisation sequence to access (Z)-Civetone, incorporating a serial array of continually stirred tank reactors (fReactor) is reported. Continue reading

fReactor flow chemistry paper UCL 2021

Scientific glassblowing – an art we’re proud of!

Posted on: June 10, 2021

Scientific glassblowing is a bit of a mystic art.  Until you’ve seen a graduated triple wall glass reaction vessel built it’s hard to appreciate just what can be achieved with such a tempestuous material. Continue reading

Asynt scientific glassblowing manufacture and repair

DrySyn Spiral Evaporator Evaluation: PhD Chemist, Pharmaceutical Company, UK

Posted on: March 5, 2021

DrySyn Spiral Evaporator Evaluation:  What type of laboratory is the product used in: Pharmaceutical R & D Lab What key work is undertaken in your laboratory and how does the product help?: Organic synthesis on small scale, great way to transfer … Continue reading

CondenSyn Evaluation: PhD Medicinal Chemist, Pharmaceutical Company, USA

Posted on: February 11, 2021

CondenSyn Evaluation:  What type of laboratory is the product used in: Drug discovery laboratory What key work is undertaken in your laboratory and how does the product help?:  I had previous experience using CondenSyn at Caltech and advocated for their purchase … Continue reading

Photosynthesis of Chiral Building Blocks for Drug Discovery

Posted on: May 17, 2021

A new white paper, written by scientists at Liverpool ChiroChem (LCC), describes how the Asynt Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is being used to synthesise a range of new 2-Aryl N-Heterocycles. Continue reading

New white paper with Illumin8 parallel photoreactor from Liverpool Chirochem: Accessing 2-Aryl N-Heterocycles with Photocatalysis

Colloidal Nanoparticles Advance Frontiers of Synthetic Chemistry

Posted on: April 30, 2021

Researchers from the School of Chemistry at the University of St Andrews (UK) are using a DrySyn Spiral Evaporator to help synthesize novel reactive colloidal nanoparticles that present an exciting tool to create a new generation of ‘smart’ nanomaterials. Continue reading

Colloidal Nanoparticles Advance Frontiers of Synthetic Chemistry with DrySyn Spiral Evaporator - Asynt press release April 2021


Date: September 15, 2021 - September 16, 2021

CHEMUK 2021 EXPO is looking good – in addition to a packed agenda, the Asynt team will be on hand with experts from Huber and Vacuubrand to help with any queries you may have. Continue reading

Visit Asynt on stand J61 at CHEMUK 2021


Date: July 3, 2022 - July 8, 2022

Originally scheduled for 2020, this prestigious event has been postponed to 2022. The BOSS-conference is a unique international symposium as it combines lectures delivered by established organic chemists as well as younger rising stars with two prestigious events: a lecture … Continue reading


Working with scientists for a more sustainable laboratory: Since inception, we have developed the DrySyn range (a clean, safe alternative to oil baths and heating mantles) both reducing costs in purchasing/disposal of oil and a 35% reduction in energy consumption, and the CondenSyn range of waterless air condensers which are used all around the world in place of traditional water condensers. Going water-free is saving gallons of water (and cash) from flowing straight down your drain.

A fresh outlook in chemistry technologies