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If you would like to find out more about how to become a distributor for Asynt’s key ranges of laboratory apparatus please continue reading…

What does Asynt look for in a distribution partner?

It is essential for us that, if you want to become a distributor, you can demonstrate a forward-thinking and positive attitude towards sustainable innovation and progression in the modern laboratory.

Your sales team should be knowledgeable and experienced in your chosen sector(s), keen to receive full training on the Asynt products, and confident in their abilities to successfully communicate the benefits of the ranges to your customers.

Technical support within the Asynt team

You’ll have a clear idea of the Asynt products that are best suited to your market, whether that is our standard DrySyn® oil-free heating/cooling platform, CondenSyn® waterless air condensers, pressure reactors, ReactoMate lab reactors, photochemistry tools, or the fReactor Flow Chemistry platform to name a few of the options available.

Talk to us!

We encourage you to contact us via email in the first instance.  Provide an introduction to your company, the type of products you’re interested in promoting, and your target audience.  We would love to see your company brochures and social media channels too, so feel free to include as much information as you can.
It may be helpful to complete this short MS Word form to ensure that the basic information we require is included:  Distributor Profile Definition – Website application

connect with Asynt

Please send this information by email to [email protected].  We will confirm receipt, and advise you of any next steps we wish to take as soon as your information has been reviewed.

Thank you for your interest

We are continually expanding our distributor network and are grateful for your interest in becoming a part of our efforts to make laboratory life better, worldwide.  Thank you!  We hope to hear from you soon.

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