Compendium Spins Asynt Right Around

The world is currently a different place. The ability to keep connections and drive projects remotely has been something we’ve been keen to demonstrate. One of the Asynt mottos is collaborate, innovate and create and this is exactly what we’ve been doing with Compendium.

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Compendium literally have “every angle covered” with their state of the art 360° product photography. The ability to see the Asynt products from every angle allows us to enhance our online product photography and enables the end user to really investigate and engage in the product of interest with every angle covered.

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Although we’re still having to socially distance and make changes to our daily routines, it remains critical that we offer unrivalled customer service and technical advice to our growing customer, distributor and supplier network both internationally and here in the UK.

Working with Compendium has enabled us to bring a new dimension to the Asynt photography portfolio. The quality of each image is exceptional, and the impressive high resolution allows a viewer, on any device, to zoom in and access every detail of the product. The ease of communication and instruction, from inception through to the finished result, was such an easy transaction. Working on a virtual collaborative project, was made stress and problem free due to the expertise and excellent communication from Nick Hurd and his team. The ability to discuss ideas and concepts remotely made the project move much faster and generate superb results. The on-site service and ability to send products directly to compendium enabled an exceptionally smooth process whilst always abiding to socially distanced regulations.

To view further images, and their 360° spins, click on the products linked here and observe the fReactor, PressureSyn, Condensyn and DrySyn from all angles.

Asynt were consulted throughout the process and minor modifications to images were communicated fantastically and changes made within the day. We wanted to say a huge thank you to the Compendium team for giving us the opportunity to work with them.  We hope you enjoy the new rotating images you’ll start to see appearing on our social media channels and website.