DrySyn® OCTO-PLUS Reaction Station

Part of the DrySyn® reactors range from the Asynt chemists, the DrySyn OCTO-PLUS 3 x 8 Position Reaction Station allows powerful magnetic stirring and heating, inert atmosphere and reflux, all with a tiny footprint.

This innovative design has been found incredibly useful for working volumes of up to 10 mL and has been specified to allow the use of low-cost reaction tubes to save as much as possible on consumables for your lab.

Use the DrySyn OCTO-PLUS for up to 24 parallel reactions on just one standard magnetic hotplate stirrer.

Please contact us for further information on spare tubes and accessories.

  • Up to 24 parallel positions
  • Works with any hotplate stirrer
  • Powerful magnetic stirring
  • Compact size
  • Gas tight closure allowing inert atmospheres to be used
  • The large glass area of the tubes allows for air condensing and gentle reflux conditions to be used
  • Working volume  1 – 10 mL per tube
  • Heated area within the DrySyn insert: 4 mL volume
  • Allows use of low cost consumable reaction tubes
  • Additions or sampling can be made whist under inert conditions using a syringe.
  • The unit uses low cost easily replaceable consumable septums
  • Single stations may be used independently

Kits/Components available:

  • ADS19-PLUS:
    • 3 x DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station
    • 72 x Kimax tubes
    • 300 x caps and septums
    • 30 x stirring bars
    • DrySyn MULTI 3 position base
  • ADS19-TUBES (Pack of 24 tubes only)
  • ADS19-CAP (Pack of 100 caps only)
  • ADS19-SEPTUM (Pack of 100 PTFE faced septum only)
  • ADS19-STIR (Pack of 10 magnetic stirrer bars)
  • ADS19-Base (DrySyn UNO Single Position base)

Get a FREE DrySyn UNO Base with any DrySyn OCTO Kit - offer valid to 31st March 2024. Please contact us for further details.

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Developed in collaboration with our clients / Bespoke design service

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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