PressureSyn – High safety reactor

PressureSyn – High Safety Reactor:  Asynt has collaborated with The University of Nottingham to bring their expertise & respect for the safety aspects of working at high pressure in the laboratory to the general market in the form of PressureSyn; an accessible benchtop scale high pressure reactor, with novel safety features built-in.

Why is PressureSyn so unique?

With a vessel volume of 125 mL, maximum working pressure of 200 bar and temperature of 200 °C with heating via any hotplate & stirring via magnetic flea, what’s significant about PressureSyn is the unique safety key & locking clamp mechanism that does not allow the vessel cover to be removed whilst any pressure remains in the system. Every safety key & clamp are unique therefore ensuring that it cannot be undone with a spare, and include features which automatically release any residual pressure prior to removing the cover. This high-safety single laboratory pressure reactor also features a double pressure relief system with both a bursting disk & pressure relief valve.

PressureSyn laboratory pressure reactors are designed to work on any magnetic hotplate stirrer; a special DrySyn adapter plate allows the secure placement of the reactors on the hotplate stirrer; together with enhanced temperature transfer and the ability to control external temperature from a standard 3 mm thermocouple.

  • Designed, manufactured & tested in the UK, from traceable certificated 316 stainless steel.
  • Maximum working pressure of 200 bar & 200 °C
  • Comes with a pressure relief valve, and a bursting disk as standard.
  • Unique bracket with locking clasp so the system can be easily set up and disassembled but cannot be disassembled when under pressure.
  • Pressure relief needle valve with a built in key that can be used to unlock the clasp only once any residual pressure is released.
  • Fits a specially designed DrySyn adapter base plate for use on a standard magnetic stirrer hotplate, to 200 °C.
  • Agitation via magnetic stirring bar.
  • Gas inlet/outlet valve with compression fitting for attaching to steel pressure tubing.
  • Additional (spare) 1/8″ NPT port for customers own attachments.
  • Optional spares pack which comprises 5 additional o ring seals and compression fittings.
  • Optional digital thermometer and extension cable.

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