Accessories & Components

With a huge range of accessories & components for your lab reactor available, enabling you to tailor your system to your chemistry.

This includes a wide selection of PTFE lids that you can optimise with your choice of fittings, all of which are easy to swap, giving you a fully customisable solution.

We also offer a variety of stirring accessories including stirrer shafts and guides, propellers in all shapes and sizes, and numerous other fittings.

You may find our handy guide to choosing the right propeller for your work useful – you can find this within our website HERE.

  • Custom PTFE reactor from Asynt - worldwide laboratory experts

    Custom PTFE Reactors

    Designed to your unique specification

  • PTFE reactor lids - from Asynt

    PTFE Reactor Lids

    Quick and easy to adapt

  • ReactoMate Quick-Release Couplings

    ReactoMate Tool Free (Quick-Release) Couplings

    Minimise downtime for vessel changeover

  • scientific glassware repairs Asynt

    Scientific Glassware Repairs

    Repair or alter your existing glassware

  • Static dissipative PTFE reactor accessories

    Static dissipative PTFE reactor accessories

    Optimal mechanical resilience with improved electrical conductivity

  • Asynt CondenSyn MAXI reflux condenser for larger scale reactions

    CondenSyn® MAXI Condenser

    Ideal for reflux with larger volumes of solvent

  • Platinum Electrodes from Asynt chemistry

    Platinum Flag Electrodes

    Manufactured from the highest purity materials

  • Laboratory Reaction Vessels

    Manufactured in the UK by our experts to your specification

  • ReactoMate controlled lab reactor baffle systems

    ReactoMate Baffle Systems

    Modify stirring efficiently with baffles

  • Asynt ReactoMate laboratory jacketed reaction vessels

    Jacketed Reaction Vessels

    Replacement jacketed reactor vessels from 50 mL to 50,000 mL +

  • ReactoMate vacuum jacketed reactor vessels from Asynt

    Vacuum Jacketed Reaction Vessels

    High performance at low temperatures

  • PTFE Components

    PTFE Components

    A range of totally unique properties makes PTFE the ultimate high performance material

  • ReactoMate Magnetic Stirrer Head

    Magnetic stirrer heads

    No leakage or memory effects