ReactoMate Baffle Systems

ReactoMate baffle systems are available in a wide variety of forms and can be off-the-shelf, or manufactured to suit your specific criteria.

Asynt work closely with a company called Analytical Innovations to provide essential tools and know-how for efficient process understanding and optimisation, in particular relation to scale-up work.

Analytical Innovations’ research  involves assessing how various types of agitator, the size and shape of the reactor and the addition of baffles affect mixing capabilities.

Improvements can be made as simply as follows:

  • Changing from an elongated reactor (“sausage shape”) to a squat reaction vessel
  • Replacing anchor stirrers with four pitch paddles blades
  • Via the addition of ReactoMate baffle systems

Our experienced chemists can help you design the perfect system for optimum stirring / agitation so please contact us today.

  • Standard system available in a variety of configurations
  • Custom systems available to suit your specific criteria

Find out more about the range of Jacketed Reaction Vessel systems available from Asynt HERE.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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