CondenSyn® MAXI Condenser

The Asynt CondenSyn® MAXI condenser is the latest addition to the CondenSyn range, specifically designed for use with larger volumes of solvent. Handmade individually in the UK, using a unique design and manufacturing method, the CondenSyn MAXI has a high surface area which is robust and effective at condensing volumes above 1 L.

  • No issues with water leakage, and potential flooding
  • By not using water the environmental impact is reduced as is the costs of water usage.
  • A tidy setup, clear visibility of reflux and easy to clean
  • Suitable for use under vacuum
  • Distillation version available
  • The unique Asynt CondenSyn concept is protected by European Community Registered Designs

If you’d like to speak with one of our team regarding the use of CondenSyn MAXI for your specific chemistry please contact us now.

The Asynt CondenSyn MAXI condenser is supplied with a B34 joint as standard and is optionally available in two different lengths.

Depending on the configuration selected, the CondenSyn MAXI can be used for either reflux or distillation setups.  The outer column is the same for both, but different central inserts are supplied depending on which purpose is required.  The central insert for distillation features a small drain arm with GL18 thread at the bottom (available in alternative sizes upon request).  Please see gallery image 2 for illustration.

To view external reviews and testing data please click the “downloads” tab.

Ordering information:

  • GB-C-MAXI-350-P-B34 is a 350mm length in reflux configuration.
  • GB-C-MAXI-350-S-B34 is a 350mm length in distillation configuration.
  • GB-C-MAXI-450-P-B34 is a 450mm length in reflux configuration.
  • GB-C-MAXI-450-S-B34 is a 450mm length in distillation configuration.

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