Laboratory Consumables

Offering a range of tube racks, specialist labels, tubes and v-vials. Please let us know if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t currently listed here.

  • Asynt 3 Tier Polypropylene Laboratory Tube Racks

    3 Tier Polypropylene Lab Tube Racks

    From a wide range now available

  • Asynt lab racks - 81 place Maxicold freezer racks

    81 place Maxicold freezer racks

    Lightweight, easily transportable racks for freezer use.

  • Asynt lab racks - 3D Benchtop racks

    Asynt lab racks – 3D Benchtop racks

    Holds up to 48 microtubes,

  • Asynt lab racks - 48 & 96 Well reversible racks

    Asynt lab racks – 48 & 96 Well reversible racks

    Fits 0.5ml tubes on one side, 1.5/2ml on the reverse

  • NEW B24 Luer vacuum adapters

    B24 Luer vacuum adapters

    Neat little adapters for SPE, chromatography and filtration

  • Asynt black screw top centrifuge tubes

    Black screw top centrifuge tubes

    A selection of tubes specifically designed for light sensitive materials

  • Easy Remove Labels

    Easy Remove Labels

    100% biodegradable and easy to use

  • Glove box gloves and gauntlets from Asynt

    Glove box gloves

    Wide range of solutions available

  • Julabo Aqua-Stabil Fluid

    Julabo Aqua-Stabil Fluid

    Effective protection for your water bath

  • Julabo Thermal G fluid

    Julabo Thermal G Bath Fluid

    Critial for the best results in temperature control

  • Micryo Plus cryogenic labels

    Micryo Plus cryogenic labels

    Permanent labels for use down to -196 degrees C

  • heat resistant PTFE jars

    PTFE jars

    15ml to 2200ml, to 280oC

  • PTFE thin sleeves

    PTFE thin sleeves

    PTFE sleeves to replace silicone grease

  • thermotech PTFE beakers

    Thermotech PTFE beakers

    Superior heating to 270 degrees

  • Vacuum pump service kits

    Extend the life of your pump!

  • Water Bath Hollow Balls

    Water Bath Balls

    Reduce algae growth