Laboratory Consumables

Offering a range of tube racks, specialist labels, tubes and v-vials. Please let us know if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t currently listed here.

  • Deutero NMR tubes from Asynt

    NMR Tubes

    No compromise on quality!

  • Replacement or spare glass vials for Multicell reactor

    Glass vials for Asynt Multicell

    Replacement or spare vials for the Multicell Reactor

  • 2mag Satellite stirrer bars

    The 2mag Satellite stirrer bars

    Especially for high volumes, viscous media and strong magnetic stirrers.

  • Wheaton V vials

    Wheaton V-Vials

    Designed to provide total downward drainage and maximum retrieval of contents by syringe.

  • magnetic stirrer bars and spin vanes from Asynt UK

    Magnetic stirrer bars & spin vanes

    Choosing the correct magnetic stirrer bars or spin vanes for your vessel is key to achieving optimum agitation.

  • Deutero Deu Quant NMR tubes

    NMR Deu Quant Tubes

    NEW from Deutero and Asynt

  • Deutero NMR Tube Washer from Asynt chemistry

    NMR Tube Washer

    Tube cleaning made easy!

  • AFP11014 DrySyn MULTI Fluorochem package

    Asynt & Fluorochem laboratory starter kits

    DrySyn® & Basic chemicals lab starter kits