B24 Luer vacuum adapters

The Asynt B24 Luer vacuum adapters for useful for SPE, chromatography and filtration.

Using these neat little adapters, the chemist can process their reactions straight into a round bottomed flask thus removing the need for a Buchner funnel and decanting into a separate flask for evaporation, speeding up the process and avoiding spillages.

Also highly suited for simple chromatography and SPE using any Luer fitted cartridge or syringe barrel by applying a vacuum to the side arm, simple separations can be achieved where multiple fractions aren’t needed, a highly effective, simple solution, particularly suited to those chemists using ion exchange techniques.

The Asynt Luer adapter is also useful for transfer of liquids.


Place the adapter on your reaction flask, connect a 2 ft Luer lock needle, connect the needle into your reagent of choice, turn on the vacuum line and watch the safe transfer of your liquid reagent into your flask to the required volume, then switch the vacuum line back to nitrogen to inert your reaction and away you go.

A range of designs of the popular Luer adapters available, now with the options of PTFE screw on fittings and an isolation tap, enables easy, safe SPE, work ups, plug columns and filtrations directly into the round bottom flask…..

Part Numbers:

GB-100:  Standard B24 luer adapter (main image)
GB-101:  B24 luer adapter with screw thread side arms
GB-105:  B24 luer adapter with side arm, and with open bore isolation valve
GB-106:  B24 luer adapter with side arm isolation valve

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