Laboratory Ovens & Furnaces

A range of efficient, and cost effective ovens and furnaces for the laboratory.

  • Asynt 31 litre vacuum oven

    Asynt 31 L Vacuum Oven

    Tough & safe 31 L vacuum oven

  • Creep / Stress Rupture / Tensile Test Tube Furnaces

    Creep / Stress Rupture / Tensile Test Tube Furnaces

    Our range of universal tube furnaces can be built into units in a vertical or horizontal position

  • laboratory drying oven

    Drying Cabinets

    Improve lab performance & save money

  • Genlab E3 energy efficient drying cabinets for laboratory

    E3 Energy efficient drying cabinets

    The sustainable solution for drying

  • Genlab General Purpose Ovens

    A range of highly efficient, reliable and cost effective ovens.

  • Memmert Universal Fan Oven

    Memmert Universal Fan Ovens

    Precise, even and gentle temperature control

  • Memmert VO oven

    Memmert Vacuum Ovens

    High precision temperature control

  • Memmert vacuum pump modules from Asynt chemistry

    Memmert Vacuum Pump Module

    Noise insulated for a happier lab!

  • Nabertherm laboratory muffle furnace from Asynt chemistry

    Nabertherm Muffle Furnaces

    Models for 1100 °C or 1200 °C use

  • Nabertherm R50_250_13 furnace

    Nabertherm Tube Furnaces

    Unbeatable price-performance ratio