Asynt 31 L Vacuum Oven

The Asynt 31 L Vacuum Oven offers great performance with a compact footprint.

Suitable for temperatures up to 200 °C, these vacuum ovens enable heat sensitive materials to be dried at low temperatures or alternatively, enable more stable samples to be dried rapidly at higher temperatures.

The sealed inner chamber means that it may also be suitable for solvent removal work, subject to adequate exhaust and ventilation conditions being provided for the oven and for the room respectively.

This good-sized laboratory vacuum oven is hassle-free with spares readily available from Asynt!

Capacity (Litres) 31 Temperature control Digital PID
Temperature range at ambient temperatures less than 25 °C 30 to 200 °C Power rating, max W 1000
Shelf (W x D) mm 366 x 290 Internal dimensions
(H x W x D) mm
260 x 375 x 310
Number of shelves 2 Overall dimensions
(H x W x D) mm
420 x 630 x 425
Number of shelf positions 3 Weight, Kg 43
Interval between positions (mm) 75 Tubing connections 10-12 mm bore

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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