Heating / Cooling Circulators

Heating/Cooling Circulators can be connected to external systems such as ReactoMate vessels or the DrySyn SnowStorm. Alternatively, flasks and other vessels can be placed directly inside the bath tank. Circulators in this category may have a simple “set and forget” user interface or a more advanced UI that allows for temperature programmes.

  • Grant LT ecocool 100

    Energy efficient with high performance

  • ReactoMate CLR with Easy Support and Grant LTC4 chiller

    Grant LTC4 Kit

    With temperature range -30 to 100°C

  • Julabo CF Series heating & cooling circulators

    Julabo CF Series

    Perfect when space is at a premium!

  • Julabo CORIO range from Asynt

    Julabo CORIO CD & CP Series

    Excellent price to performance ratio

  • Julabo DYNEO DD series from Asynt

    Julabo DYNEO DD Series

  • Julabo HighTech HE & HL Series

    Innovative technology for sophisticated applications.

  • Julabo MAGIO Series Heating Circulators

    Extremely powerful pumps & intuitive touchscreen displays

  • Julabo MAGIO refrigerated/heating circulators from Asynt

    Julabo MAGIO Series Refrigerated/Heating Circulators

    Premium quality, high performance and intuitive operation

  • LAUDA Alpha

    LAUDA Alpha Cooling thermostats

    Cooling thermostats with affordable temperature control -25 to 100 °C

  • LAUDA Eco from Asynt

    LAUDA ECO Low-temperature

    From -50 to 200 °C: Cooling thermostats for economic temperature control

  • LAUDA LOOP L100 from Asynt

    LAUDA LOOP Circulation Thermostats

    Choose from 100 or 250 watt power


    LAUDA PRO Heating Circulation Thermostats

    Cooling bath thermostats for -100 to 200 °C