Julabo HighTech HE & HL Series

The HighTech Series features refrigerated heating /circulators with innovative technology for sophisticated applications. The instruments provide powerful, electronically adjustable pressure and suction pumps.

The top-of-the-line models with HL circulators offer professional technology and maximum functionality. The additional LCD dialog display interactively assists the user in setting circulator parameters.

Intelligent Cascade Control (ICC) and Temperature Control Features (TCF) ensure optimal control behavior. HL circulators also have a Stakei connection.

  • General features of this series
    • Models for working temperatures from -95 °C to +200 °C
    • All models feature user-friendly, intuitive operation
    • Extra bright, easy to read displays
    • Quick and highly precise results thanks to state-of-the-art control technology
    • Many professional functions for adjusting control parameters, temperature calibration, temperature profiles, etc.
    • High heating and cooling capacities for demanding applications
    • Powerful circulating pumps, electronically adjustable in steps
    • Intelligent warning and safety functions
    • Unique early warning system for low liquid level
    • Digital and analog interfaces for flexible communication
    • Wireless monitoring and operation with WirelessTEMP (accessory)
    • Maximum cooling capacity at all temperatures (Active Cooling Control)
    • Removable venting grids for quick and easy cleaning
    • Energy-saving proportional cooling control (FP Series)
    • Heated bath cover plate to prevent condensation or ice build-up
    • All parts in contact with the bath fluid are made of stainless steel or high grade plastic

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