LAUDA Alpha Cooling thermostats

The LAUDA Alpha cooling thermostats bring reliable technology for temperature ranges from -25 to 100 °C in an affordable package.

Suitable for internal and external temperature control with non-flammable liquids (water and water/glycol), these are an ideal solution for your most basic temperature control applications in the lab.

Optimised to perform the essential functions beautifully, the LAUDA Alpha is reliable and user-friendly.

Key benefits:

  • Cost savings through automatic compressor control wherein cooling is only provided when actually needed.
  • Easy cleaning without tools of the cooling air inlet.
  • Has a stainless steel bath vessels
  • Drain connection at rear

The cooling thermostats RA 8, RA 12 and RA 24 include standard-issue bath covers and pump connections, facilitating cooling across the entire temperature range from -25 t0 100 °C.

  • Simple navigation of digital interface with three buttons via LED display.
  • Deep-drawn stainless steel bath vessels
  • Integrated timer function allows automatic device shutdown to standby status.
  • Low-level and over-temperature protection for operation with non-flammable liquids
Display 7-segment
Mode of Operation 3-button
1-point calibration YES
Countdown function YES
Low-level alarm YES
Drain screw YES


Product Min. working temp Max. working temp Heater power max. Cooling output at 20 °C 50 Hz
Alpha RA 8 -25 °C 100 °C 1.5 kW 0.225 kW
Alpha RA 12 -25 °C 100 °C 1.5 kW 0.325 kW
Alpha RA 24 -25 °C 100 °C 1.5 kW 0.425 kW

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