LAUDA PRO Heating Circulation Thermostats

The LAUDA PRO heating circulation thermostats are designed for external applications up to 250 °C.  They have low operating costs and material consumption.

Designed for low filling volume, this enables rapid heating in the connected application and the system is ideal for applications where rapid temperature change is required.

Ideal for the constricted space in many modern laboratories, the LAUDA PRO has a compact footprint and comes with an integrated cooling coil fitted as standard.

There are two innovative operating units available for selection: Base or Command Touch. Both are removable and can be used as remote control.

Key benefits:

  • Tower design for small footprint
  • LAUDA Vario flex pump with 8 output levels, pump connections at rear
  • SmartCool system for energy-saving digital cooling control including automatic compressor control


Product Min. working temp Max. working temp Heater power max. Cooling output at 20 °C 50 Hz
PRO P 2 E 80 °C 250 °C 2.5 kW
PRO P 2 EC 80 °C 250 °C 2.5 kW
PRO RP 240 E -40 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.6 kW
PRO RP 240 EC -40 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.6 kW
PRO RP 245 E -45 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.8 kW
PRO RP 245 EC -45 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.8 kW
PRO RP 250 E -50 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 1.5 kW
PRO RP 250 EC -50 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 1.5 kW
PRO RP 290 E -90 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.8 kW
PRO RP 290 EC -90 °C 200 °C 2.5 kW 0.8 kW

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