Custom Reactors

Collaborate, Innovate, Create

“Asyntise” is where we work closely with scientists to create apparatus that meets a specific need not met by an off-the-shelf solution, allowing you to customise not compromise.

We offer a wide range of laboratory reactors, constructed to varying specifications from a number of different materials.  Every Asynt reactor vessel is manufactured to order in the UK, making it easy to customise and thereby ensuring that it is perfect for your exact requirements.

We’ve included just a few examples of previous custom reactor projects carried out below:

Options include:

  • Onsite consultation services
  • A wide range of sizes and volumes
  • Single or parallel position reactors
  • Use under pressure and vacuum
  • Temperature control
  • Use over varying temperature ranges
  • Materials of construction, including: glass (clear, amber and polymer coated), standard and exotic metals, PTFE and other plastics.
  • Accessories to suit
  • Automation and control packages
  • Complete installation

Custom Reactors from Asynt

A few of our custom reactor projects include:

Custom PTFE Reactor

Custom solution for small scale use of superacid fluoroantimonic acid at low temperatures.

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ReactoMate Pot Vessel with Custom Heating Block

Custom heating solution for the Department of Engineering, Imperial College, London, UK.

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Development of next-gen clinical haircare product

Award-winning formulation and development lab – Here2Grow needed a flexible lab reactor system to trial scale-up formulations and design formulation processes in, the personal care and home care industries.

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Custom Single High-Pressure Reactors

We have produced a wide range of single high-pressure reactors from benchtop to pilot scale, to suit differing requirements.

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Complete Chemistry Scale-Up ReactoMate Datum system

Jacketed glass reactors with temperature and stirring control were needed in order to finely assess and monitor these key reaction parameters for an academic laboratory to aid research in the recycling of Li-ion battery materials.  

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Parallel High Pressure Reactor for Sampling

Custom parallel high pressure reactor designed for sampling for the organometallic chemistry research laboratory, Colgate University (USA).

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ReactoMate ATOM Support Stand

Developed as part of a custom reactor project with a major pharmaceutical company, to allow benchtop use of a 10L vessel.

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Multicell 10 Cell Parallel High-Pressure Reactor

Designed and engineered in the UK to the highest quality, this system has a wide array of factory addition options available.

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ReactoMate Baffle Systems

Off-the-shelf or fully custom baffle solutions to meet your individual criteria.

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