Complete Chemistry Scale-Up ReactoMate Datum system

An Asynt ReactoMate Datum system was installed recently in an academic laboratory, to aid research in the recycling of Li-ion battery materials.  The Asynt team will work with you to ensure that all health & safety procedures are met if you require an on-site installation but we can also assist with installation remotely.

Complete chemistry scale-up lab reactor system installation

For this customer jacketed glass reactors with temperature and stirring control were needed in order to finely assess and monitor these key reaction parameters.
Reactions were required to be run at small scale (500 mL) and also scaled-up in the future, when the process thermodynamics and mixing had been optimised and large quantities of material were required.

Working within a temperature range of -20…+150 oC and powerful agitation with torque monitoring required, we designed the system accordingly and paired with a Huber Grande Fleur temperature control unit and IKA Eurostar 60 Control overhead stirrer. These were chosen so that efficient temperature control and mixing was achievable in both small and large vessels.  This is why the Asynt ReactoMate Datum was chosen, as the 500 mL and 5000 mL vessels can be used interchangeably. This was aided by quick-release connectors and drain manifolds, along with the ‘click in/click out’ feature of the Datum frame, which allows quick removal of a vessel and replacement of another vessel.

The installation, jointly performed with Huber, involved assembling the vessel on the framework, fitting all of the PTFE components, aligning the overhead stirrer, connecting up the hosing to manifolds and heater/chiller and commissioning the system by testing heating/cooling cycles.

If you’d like to discuss a possible requirement for your laboratory then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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