Bespoke ReactoMate Pot Vessel & Heating Block

Dr Ffion Abraham & Dr Arran Solomonsz worked to meet the requirements of the Department of Engineering at Imperial College, London, and supply a bespoke ReactoMate system with Datum support stand and custom-made glass pot vessel and DrySyn® heating block system.

Custom reactors - bespoke ReactoMate

The vessel was designed to also include a custom-made glass lid with specific ports to  accommodate to accommodate the ParticleTrack™ and ParticleView™ probe technology from METTLER TOLEDO, PTFE stirring shaft and CondenSyn® waterless condenser.

Standard options weren’t suitable for this project

Unlike with a lot of laboratory reactors, the use of an oil heating jacket was unsuitable for this project and so a bespoke ReactoMate set up was devised with heating provided via an Asynt complete hotplate stirrer kit and custom DrySyn® aluminium heating block.  The DrySyn block includes a temperature probe hole to allow for accurate temperature control, and the addition of an Asynt lab-jack provides a safe, simple and efficient method to remove the heat source from the reaction vessel when required.

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