Multicell Parallel High-Pressure Reactor

Designed and engineered in the UK to the highest quality, this system offers the user the ability to screen 10 x 30 ml reactions all at the same pressure and temperature up to 50 bar and 200oC, as standard.

This cost effective lightweight unit fabricated in 316 Stainless Steel is suitable for numerous stirred or non-stirred applications including hydrogenations and applications where air sensitive materials are used or any other reaction where pressure or temperature are required.

Asyntise - Custom Reactors Multicell

A number of factory upgrades are also available for the system to cover a wide range of requirements.  A few examples of these include:

  • Higher pressures to 200bar
  • Temperatures to 350oC
  • Individual temperature control for each reactor cell
  • Alternative materials (such as Hastelloy or Inconel)
  • Alternative volumes
  • Alternative quantity of cells
  • Sampling under pressure
  • Additions under pressure
  • Individual pressure setting for every reactor cell.
  • Additional fully custom options

These multicell parallel reactors can also be made to much larger scales, with a fully customised build to suit your individual needs.

The University of Bath had a special high temperature Multicell, complete with upgraded heater (ceramic band heater around the whole Multicell), and “Factory Addition Option E” condenser such that:

  • Maximum working pressure 200 BARg.
  • Design Pressure 220 BARg
  • Maximum working temperature 350ºC
  • Design temperature 400ºC

Please note the standard assembly can only be used at the elevated temperature of 350ºC when used in conjunction with the condenser unit (“Option E”) – this is to ensure the standard viton O ring to remain below 200°C. If the temperature differential between the lower and upper half of each cell is not suited then other elastonomeric materials such as Kalrez can be supplied which provides a higher upper operational temperatures about the sealing area.
The materials had to be upgraded to accommodate these elevated temperatures and pressures.

We have also recently launched the Multicell-PLUS with a wide range of options to suit your needs.  Hugely customisable, with a compact footprint, this is a great solution for any scientist wishing to work under pressure in parallel.