Hotplates & Stirrers

A range of laboratory hotplates and hotplate stirrers from Asynt.

  • ADS-HP-N2 complete hotplate stirrer kit

    Asynt hotplate stirrer package

    Super-safe hotplates with temperature controller & all the accessories you need

  • Asynt digital hotplate stirrer kit

    Asynt Digital Hotplate Stirrer Kit

    Fast and accurate heat-up times

  • IKA C-MAG HS 7 Control magnetic stirrer hotplate

    IKA C-MAG HS 7 Control Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate

    Room temperature - 500 °C

  • IKA RCT Digital hotplate from Asynt

    IKA RCT Digital Hotplate

    The IKA RCT Digital Hotplate - New to Asynt and already proving incredibly popular in our range of hotplates.

  • AREX 6 Series Digital Pro Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer from Asynt

    AREX 6 Digital PRO Hotplate Stirrer

    Easy to use and smart user interface

  • IKA RCT 5 Digital Magnetic Stirrer

    For demanding stirrer tasks

  • MS-H-Pro+

    MS-H-Pro + Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

    Exclusively available to our US customers



    The Universal Mixing Drive

  • The 2mag atexMIXdrive 1

    The 2mag atexMIXdrive 1

    Ultra flat, wear-free magnetic stirrer

  • IKA myPlate magnetic stirrer

    Personalise your hotplate with any design!