AREX 6 Digital PRO Hotplate Stirrer

The AREX 6 Digital PRO Hotplate Stirrer is an advanced digital hotplate stirrer with timer, autoreverse, CerAlTopTM plate ensuring best-in-class thermoregulation performance and maximum safety.

The AREX 6 Digital PRO is provided with 2 independent safety circuits that switch off the heat preventing possible hazards in all cases of overtemperature (higher than the set point).  When the plate temperature is 50°C the display will show a residual hot plate message preventing potential burning.

The probe detection alarm of the AREX-6 Digital PRO detects that the external probe is not immersed in the medium and stops the heat preserving the sample from burning.
With the AREX 6 Digital PRO is now possible to adjust the maximum operating temperature in order to meet all the lab safety standards.

The AREX 6 Digital PRO is IP42 certified and thanks to the resistant die-cast housing and the run-off grove all the internal parts of the instrument is protected from potential damage. The AREX 6 Digital PRO is designed for the most extended lifespan and guaranteed 3 years warranty (register online for your AREX 6 Digital PRO to get the warranty extension).  We also recommend that you consider purchasing the optional tailor-made silicon cover that keeps the instrument safer!

The extremely powerful brushless motor is able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm. Speed is always constant as viscosity changes with the torque compensation SpeedServo.

The strong Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees superior peripheral stirring very important when combining the AREX 6 Digital PRO with the accessories.

Best in class thermoregulation is extremely stable, fast and with minimal overshoot thanks to the powerful PID thermoregulation software.

The AREX 6 Digital PRO includes Pt100 Probe and can be connected to VTF for precise and accurate control of the temperature of the medium.

Working with the Pt100 probe it is possible to choose 2 different thermoregulation modes to match all requirements:

FAST: the Hot Plate Stirrer quickly reaches the set point temperature with a little overshoot
FINE: slower temperature set point reaching with an optimized overshoot

The brand new white LED display with black background is easy to read and thanks to the new set of icons, the operator has always the clear readout of the working conditions.
The new icons inform about: probe connection, heat activation, set point temperature, timer activation and auto-reverse option.

Lock your instrument by pressing the central button for 3 seconds, a white LED will blink if an interaction is detected.

Two extremely precise turning knobs control the temperature and speed setting and for starting the heating is now necessary to tap the knob for complete safety.

By tapping at the same time both knobs is possible to access to the advanced menu for the most suitable configuration of all operating modes.

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