Asynt Digital Hotplate Stirrer Kit

The complete Asynt Digital Hotplate Stirrer Kit

With a heat output of 600 W providing faster heat-up times, this digital hotplate stirrer is ideal to use with the DrySyn® range of heating blocks.

This has a round top made of aluminium alloy with a glass topped body surface. It stirs volumes of up to 20 L (H2O) and runs at speeds ranging from 50-1500 rpm and is supplied with a temperature sensor.

The complete Asynt Digital Hotplate Stirrer Kit gives you all the accessories (see kit contents on “Specification” tab) required to get heating and stirring!


  • Kit comprises: IKA RCT Digital Hotplate Stirrer, PT1000, support rod, boss head, and clamp
  • Regular firmware updates available.
  • Using Alnico magnetic technology, the IKA Plate (RCT digital) achieves excellent temperature stability and high residual induction.
  • This also provides for maximum vortex.
  • The integrated timer and counter function supporting the control of kinetics and sensitive reactions; the IKA SmartTemp® function protects users intelligently and predictably.
  • Heat control accuracy with ext. PT1000 (500 mL H2O in 600 mL beaker, 40 mm stirring bar, 600 rpm, 50 °C): ± 0.5 K
  • Maximum temperature setting range: 310 °C
  • Heat output 600 W
  • Additional accessories available. Please request details.

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