DrySyn® Multi Position Blocks

DrySyn® Multi Position Blocks range is designed to suit parallel reactions in tubes, vials, or round bottom flasks up to 500 mL.

The system is easily configured to suit your specific requirements, and all inserts are interchangeable for the ultimate in flexibility.

Manufactured in the UK, DrySyn MULTI position blocks are the safe, clean, oil-free solution for heated or cooled parallel reactions in your sustainable lab.

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  • DrySyn UNO base for secure fitment of single inserts to your hotplate

    DrySyn® UNO Base

    Perfect for safe heating and clamping of just one flask, or for heating one DrySyn Reaction Vial insert

  • DrySyn MULTI Inserts

    DrySyn® MULTI Inserts 5-100 mL

    Easy to use and quick to change, the DrySyn® range of heating blocks offers safe, clean synthesis without the need to change your chemistry.

  • DrySyn MULTI-M Inserts 250ml

    DrySyn® MULTI-M 250 mL Inserts

    The MULTI range is additionally suitable for 5-100 mL round bottom flasks, and the MULTI-S range for 500 mL round bottom flasks.

  • DrySyn MULTI-S 500ml inserts

    DrySyn® MULTI-S 500 mL Inserts

    Supplied in packs of 3, these 500 mL inserts provide great flexibility in the lab. Also available as part of the DrySyn® MULTI-S Complete Kit, these are so simple to use and quick to change.

  • DrySyn NMR Tube Heating Block from Asynt, worldwide lab experts

    DrySyn® NMR Tube Heating Block

    Ideal for catalyst screening experiments and reaction monitoring using NMR spectroscopy, the DrySyn® NMR Tube Heating Block allows NMR tubes to become your new reaction vessel!

  • DrySyn OCTO parallel reaction station from Asynt

    DrySyn® OCTO Reaction Station

    Part of the DrySyn® Reactors range from the Asynt chemists, the DrySyn® OCTO 8-Position Reaction Station allows powerful magnetic stirring and heating, inert atmosphere and reflux, all with a tiny footprint.

  • DrySyn OCTO PLUS on MULTI-M Base with Asynt hotplate kit

    DrySyn® OCTO-PLUS Reaction Station

    3 x 8 Position refluxing & inerting manifolds

  • DrySyn® OCTO Mini

    Now available as an alternative to the hugely popular DrySyn® OCTO, the DrySyn OCTO Mini allows safe and easy sampling with disposable needles.

  • DrySyn OCTO MINI Conversion Kit from Asynt

    DrySyn® OCTO Mini Conversion Kit

    The DrySyn® OCTO Mini Conversion Kit is quick and easy to swap over from the standard DrySyn OCTO support and offers a simple solution for when sampling is preferred to reflux applications.

  • DrySyn Vortex overhead stirrer system

    DrySyn® Vortex overhead stirrer

    Work with higher viscosity materials in parallel, where magnetic stirring is not strong enough

  • DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor

    DrySyn® SnowStorm Reactor

    The DrySyn® Snowstorm reactor offers an attractive solution to low temperature reaction chemistry.

  • SnowStorm-MULTI-500

    DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI

    The DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI offers active temperature control of your chemistry from -30 to +150°C

  • DrySyn SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit from Asynt

    DrySyn® SnowStorm MULTI Starter Kit

    Useful starter kit for sub-ambient parallel reactions

  • DrySyn Chilli Block System from Asynt

    DrySyn® Chilli Block System

    Modular in design and suitable for heating and cooling with interchangeable blocks for tubes, vials and plates. Bespoke sizes available.

  • AFP11014 DrySyn MULTI Fluorochem package

    Asynt & Fluorochem laboratory starter kits

    DrySyn® & Basic chemicals lab starter kits