DrySyn® OCTO Mini

Now available as an alternative to the hugely popular DrySyn® OCTO, the DrySyn OCTO Mini allows safe and easy sampling with disposable needles.

You can buy a conversion kit if you already own the DrySyn OCTO or wish to switch back and forth between the two handy options however this version comes set up for when sampling is preferred to reflux applications.

Please get in contact with us for further accessories such as spare DrySyn OCTO Mini tubes.

  • Gas tight enclosure. Factory tested to <5mbar.
  • Individual addition and sampling whilst inerted
  • Suitable for gentle reflux with air condensing
  • Works with any hotplate stirrer for powerful magnetic stirring in each tube
  • Alternate positioning of gas inlet/outlet possible
  • High functionality and throughput within a compact footprint
  • Low running costs with universally available consumables
  • Up to 3 x OCTO units can be used at once on a single hotplate, giving up to 24  reactions (DrySyn OCTO PLUS)
  • Supplied as only the OCTO Mini Reaction Station without any accessories.
  • Please contact us for prices or information regarding tubes and other accessories.

Get a FREE DrySyn UNO Base with any DrySyn OCTO Kit - offer valid to 31st March 2024. Please contact us for further details.

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