DrySyn® Accessories

We offer a wide range of DrySyn® Accessories, including our renowned 3-position clamps, boss heads, lab jacks, magnetic hotplate stirrers, and much more.

With so many options available there is a selection detailed below, but please do contact us if you are unable to find what you’re looking for!

  • ADS-HP-N2 complete hotplate stirrer kit

    Asynt hotplate stirrer package

    Super-safe hotplates with temperature controller & all the accessories you need

  • 16 mm bosshead

    Cast Alloy Bosshead

    For use with rods up to 16 mm diameter

  • DrySyn MULTI 3 position clamps for safe clamping of round bottom flasks in parallel

    DrySyn® MULTI Range 3-position Clamp

    Perform parallel reactions using any DrySyn MULTI apparatus flexibly and safely with this clamp.

  • Retort clamp

    Retort Clamp

    Manufactured in the UK

  • ADS-LSS Asynt Compact Lab Safety Shield

    Compact Lab Safety Shield

    To fit Asynt, IKA & Heidolph stirrer hotplates

  • Asynt amber UV protective compact laboratory shield for photochemistry

    Compact UV Protective Safety Shield

    For additional protection during photochemical reactions

  • ADS-LSS2 Large Compact Lab Safety Shield

    Compact Lab Safety Shield – large

    Essential protection with maximum visibility

  • DrySyn® Reflux Manifold

    DrySyn® Reflux Manifold

    Converts a single chiller into three condensing streams and into one drain, avoiding daisy-chaining multiple condensers.

  • Asynt lab jacks

    Lab Jacks

    3 sizes - Made in Britain

  • IKA myPlate magnetic stirrer

    Personalise your hotplate with any design!

  • 2mag Satellite stirrer bars

    The 2mag Satellite stirrer bars

    Especially for high volumes, viscous media and strong magnetic stirrers.

  • DrySyn Heat Safety Sticker

    Safety Heat Sticker

    Changes from black (when the heating block is at room temperature) to red (when the DrySyn® block reaches over 50 degrees C).

  • Wheaton V vials

    Wheaton V-Vials

    Designed to provide total downward drainage and maximum retrieval of contents by syringe.

  • magnetic stirrer bars and spin vanes from Asynt UK

    Magnetic stirrer bars & spin vanes

    Choosing the correct magnetic stirrer bars or spin vanes for your vessel is key to achieving optimum agitation.

  • This set of 4 DrySyn® base adapter pins are designed as an addition for our bases so that you can securely locate them on to the square-top Stuart Magnetic Stirrer Hotplates.

    DrySyn® base adapter pins for flat bases

    Designed as an addition for our bases for use on square-topped stirrers