DrySyn® MULTI Range 3-position Clamp

The DrySyn® MULTI 3-position clamp allows safe clamping of three round bottom flasks in parallel, enhancing flexibility and safety in your lab.

With three sizes available to suit the MULTI-E, MULTI-M and MULTI-S parallel DrySyn systems, the 3-position MULTI clamps are also perfect for use with the Asynt CondenSyn® range of waterless air condensers.

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel construction
  • Clamp 3 flasks OR 3 condensers when using the DrySyn MULTI-E/MULTI-M/MULTI-S base
  • Compatible with your existing boss heads
  • These clamps can also be used to safely secure 3-flasks in an ice bath
  • Choose the clamp to suit your flask size:
    • ADS3-C DrySyn MULTI-E Clamp: suits up to 3 flasks each 100 mL
    • ADS5-C DrySyn MULTI-M Clamp: suits up to 3 flasks each 250 mL
    • ADS6-C DrySyn MULTI-S Clamp: suits up to 3 flasks each 500 mL

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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