DrySyn® Reflux Manifold

The DrySyn® Reflux Manifold from Asynt maximises your fume cupboard coolant use by converting a single chiller into three condensing streams and into one drain, avoiding daisy chaining multiple condensers, keeping everything very tidy.

The quick release connectors enable rapid reaction set up/dismantling and form a seal on both sides when removing condenser tubing, diverting the coolant flow to the other connected condensers thus avoiding leaks.

The DrySyn® Reflux Manifold unit is designed to be clamped to fume hood scaffolding and will keep condenser tubing out of the way when not in use. It can be rotated through 90 degrees to allow vertical or horizontal alignment.

  • Simple to set up for use
  • Buy either as a stand-alone accessory or take as a package with fittings
  • The maximum rated pressure for the fittings supplied is 8.3 bar, with most water supplies at only a maximum of 3 bar.
  • Reduces clutter in the fume hood
  • Safer working practice with no daisy chain of tubing
  • Save water with only one supply necessary
  • Easy to clean

Available fitting sizes:

  • ADS3-WM-F1/4: DrySyn Reflux Manifold fittings for 1/4″ ID (6.4 mm) tubing.
  • ADS3-WM-F5/16: DrySyn Reflux Manifold fittings for 5/16″ ID (7.9 mm) tubing.
  • ADS3-WM-F3/8: DrySyn Reflux Manifold fittings for 3/8″ ID (9.5 mm) tubing.

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