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LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling Base

LightSyn Illumin8 Cooling/Heating Base

…eactor Asynt’s LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is ideal for safe, benchtop parallel photochemistry. This is a no-compromise, safe, well-engineered module based on the DrySyn OCTO MINI 8-positio…


Quadracell turn-key solution for parallel high pressure benchtop chemistry from Asynt

Quadracell 4 position High Pressure Reactor

…offers users the convenience of parallel pressure chemistry in a compact footprint. Designed to operate at temperatures up to 250 °C, the Quadracell has four cells, each with a volume of 10 mL, with m…


bespoke flexible pressure reactor systems from Asynt laboratory equipment design and manufacture

Flexible Pressure Reactor Systems

The Asynt range of single or parallel high pressure reactors are all designed and manufactured in the UK. Built to the highest possible standard, we can tailor these designs to offer fully flexible pr…


DrySyn MULTI-M Starter Kit

The DrySyn MULTI-M Starter Kit is comprised of a base with heat resistant handle and a pack of 3 inserts to suit 250 mL round bottom flasks. The MULTI-M base converts any standard hotplate stirrer int…


Smart Evaporator C10 parallel evaporator

Smart Evaporator C10

…hromato (Japan) have developed a parallel version which is also available to Asynt customers, the Smart Evaporator C10. This unique evaporator uses the same proven Spiral Plug evaporation technology bu…


DrySyn Spiral Evaporator - 4 position evaporation tool for even high boiling solvents - from Asynt, lab experts

DrySyn Spiral Evaporator

…orator offers fast and effective parallel evaporation in tubes without solvent bumping. Use the system to rapidly concentrate even high boiling solvents such as DMSO, DMF and water in tubes, without he…


DrySyn Vortex Blend overhead stirrer

…w adaptation to the Asynt Vortex parallel overhead stirrer has been developed specifically to cater for the requirements of scientists who need to test new formulations and blends of ingredients in par…


SYR-1200 programmable syringe pump

J-Kem Syringe Pump

…rates for each step. Program 3 – Parallel Addition Adds a single reagent to multiple reactors (up to 7) in parallel with independent volume and flow rates. Program 4 – Concurrent Addition Simultaneousl…


DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor

The DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor

The DrySyn Snowstorm reactor offers an attractive solution to low temperature reaction chemistry. Purging the dome with nitrogen / argon prevents the formation of ice around the reactors at sub-ambien…


DrySyn MULTI 3 position clamps for safe clamping of round bottom flasks in parallel

DrySyn MULTI Range 3-position Clamp

…of three round bottom flasks in parallel. With three sizes available to suit the MULTI-E, MULTI-M and MULTI-S parallel DrySyn systems, the MULTI clamps are also perfect to use with the Asynt CondenSyn…