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Integrity 10 Reaction Station with Asynt high pressure reactor array

Parallel Pressure Reactor Module

…h as the Integrity 10 or similar parallel reaction systems, offering up to 100 bar as standard. This compact reaction station is highly customisable with a wide range of accessories and tools to suit y…


LightSyn Illumin8 Parallel Photoreactor for up to 8 reactions

…s we took their “go to” tool for parallel screening, our OCTO parallel reactor, and developed a high powered LED photo array to compliment it. Illumin8 is a no-compromise, safe, well-engineered module…


DrySyn MULTI-S 500ml inserts

DrySyn® MULTI-S 500 mL Inserts

…rySyn MULTI-S Base. When used in parallel the DrySyn MULTI-S 3 Position Clamp provides a safe and simple means of clamping all three flasks at once. The MULTI range is additionally suitable for 5 mL –…


DrySyn MULTI-M Inserts 250ml

DrySyn® MULTI-M 250 mL Inserts

…rySyn MULTI-M Base. When used in parallel the DrySyn MULTI-M 3 Position Clamp provides a safe and simple means of clamping all three flasks at once. The MULTI range is additionally suitable for 5-100 m…


DrySyn OCTO parallel reaction station from Asynt

DrySyn® OCTO Reaction Station

…your lab. Whilst brilliant for 8 parallel reactions, you can use up to 3 DrySyn OCTO Reaction Stations on just one standard magnetic hotplate stirrer therefore allowing up to 24 parallel reactions. Ple…


Integrity 10 reaction station from Asynt, worldwide lab specialists. 10 individually controlled and heated cells in a compact footprint.

Integrity 10 reaction station

…n can run 10 unique reactions in parallel, up to 10 chemists can use the system to run their experiments simultaneously. The system can be left unattended in a separate location that all users can acce…


J-Kem Multi-Temperature Zone Reaction Blocks

…ks are an indispensable tool for parallel synthesis, process development, and formulations research. Available with 2, 4, or 6 Independent temperature zones. Heat, cool, and reflux capability. Multiple…


ADS-HP-N2 complete hotplate stirrer kit

Asynt hotplate stirrer package

…e, ideal for viscous samples and parallel synthesis applications. 600 W power output. RS232 and USB interfaces. CE Certified, manufactured for Asynt in Germany Sustainable and practical The hotplate it…


DrySyn MULTI-S Starter Kit Heating Blocks

DrySyn® MULTI-S Starter Kit

…ee 500 mL round bottom flasks in parallel, but you can use just one insert in the central position if desired. With no hazardous and messy oil, the world renowned DrySyn system offers safe, clean synth…


Multicell-PLUS Parallel High Pressure Reactor

…screening chemical reactions in parallel under high pressure conditions. Multiple cell volumes and configurations available, with pressure rating to 200 barg and working temperatures to 300°C and beyo…