LightSyn Illumin8 Parallel Photoreactor for up to 8 reactions

Asynt’s LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor is ideal for safe, benchtop parallel photochemistry.  Working closely with some of our key customers we took their “go to” tool for parallel screening, our OCTO parallel reactor, and developed a high powered LED photo array to compliment it.  Illumin8 is a no-compromise, safe, well-engineered module based on the DrySyn OCTO MINI 8-position reaction station with magnetic stirring and optional heating via any standard hotplate stirrer.

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  • Our most popular models:
    • 8 x 450 nm (Royal Blue) 10w LED COB chips
    • 8 x 365 nm (UV) 10w LED COB chips

With the 10w LED COB chips positioned close to each corresponding OCTO Mini reaction tube, the Illumin8 efficiently delivers an even photon flux to each sample.  Compact in design, the module includes safety interlocks to ensure that your photochemical experiments are light-tight and safe with active cooling to keep the reaction tubes from getting too hot from photo irradiation.

The LightSyn Illumin8 incorporates interchangeable light modules for flexible use in different Photochemical reactions, and a wide range of LEDs to choose from.  Please contact us for further information on spare tubes and accessories.

Other wavelengths available upon request.


LightSyn Illumin8 wavelength module spectrum

  • Most popular LED modules; Royal Blue 450 nm LEDs OR 365 nm LEDs.
  • Other wavelengths include: UVA LED 390-395 nm, Violet LED 405 nm, Blue LED 460-470 nm, Green LED 520-525 nm, Yellow LED 590-595 nm, Red LED 620-625 nm, Deep Red LED 650-660 nm.
  • Other wavelengths available upon request
  • Each reaction tube has a dedicated 10 w rated LED COB light source
  • 8 position photoreactor, utilising DrySyn OCTO parallel reactor
  • 8 x reaction volume from 1 mL to 8 mL
  • Even photon flux to each reaction
  • Sampling & additions possible to individual reaction tubes whilst in operation
  • Heating up to 80 oC
  • Low cost consumables
  • Safe and simple to use

Save 25% off an additional wavelength module when purchased with a complete kit - offer valid to 30th June 2024. Please contact us for further details.

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