Multi Position High Pressure Reactors

Our range of multi position high pressure reactors are available either as handy standard configurations, customised to adjust those standard specifications more to your needs, of fully bespoke to exact requirements.

From benchtop stand-alone multi position high pressure reactors all the way through to complex controlled parallel systems, our team can assist you in building precisely what you need.  As chemists ourselves, we’ll listen to what you need from your pressure reactor and work together with you to design the system you need.

We can also offer installation, training, and servicing plus a wide range of accessories and consumables. Talk to us today for all your high and low pressure reactor requirements.

  • Quadracell turn-key solution for parallel high pressure benchtop chemistry from Asynt

    Quadracell 4 position High Pressure Reactor

    4 x 10 mL cell parallel pressure reactor

  • Multicell Parallel High Pressure Reactors

    Parallel High Pressure Reactors

  • Integrity 10 Reaction Station with Asynt high pressure reactor array

    Parallel Pressure Reactor Module

    Run up to 10 individual pressurised reactions

  • Multicell-PLUS Parallel High Pressure Reactor

    All the usability of stand-alone single pressure systems - in parallel!

  • Custom MULTICELL Parallel High Pressure Reactors

    Custom MULTICELL Parallel High Pressure Reactors

    Designed & engineered just for you

  • Replacement or spare glass vials for Multicell reactor

    Glass vials for Asynt Multicell

    Replacement or spare vials for the Multicell Reactor