LightSyn Lighthouse Photoreactor for Single or Screening Use

Screen up to 3 reactions, conditions and wavelengths at once.

The Asynt LightSyn Lighthouse is a specialised photochemistry reaction vessel designed to safely provide equal light exposure to your sample batch and enable simultaneous magnetic stirring and heating.

Who is the LightSyn Lighthouse designed for?

The LightSyn Lighthouse is ideal for photochemists looking to obtain equal photon flux throughout their reaction medium. The reduced distance of the light to the sample, by channelling the light through quartz into the sample, increases the power the medium is exposed to.

As an easy-to-use device with built-in safety features to minimise exposure risks, it’s a useful addition to the lab for any chemist looking to branch out into photochemistry.

Particularly popular for multi-wavelength batch screening, users are able to easily swap out the wavelength module in any LightSyn Lighthouse photoreactor to suit their chemistry and work with up to three different wavelengths in parallel on a single magnetic hotplate stirrer.

The inlet and outlet valves allow customisability for a variety of uses, including gas reactions/bubbling, programmed reaction management, sample addition or removal, and potentially flow chemistry set ups with multiple LightSyn Lighthouse units.

Why do I need this in my lab? What problems will it solve for me?

This system prevents loss of light penetration into sample which, when it occurs, reduces photon flux efficiency.

This system delivers light directly into the sample, giving equal light penetration and reducing loss of energy.

Home-made photochemistry systems can be complicated and potentially unsafe setups that can prove hazardous to the user. With LightSyn Lighthouse, the built-in microswitch stops exposure to light by requiring the device to be sealed, and the on/off usage is simple to navigate.

Wide range of wavelength options available – see full details on the Specification tab.

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  • Temperature: Ambient to 80 ᵒC
  • Temperature with cooling ring: -30 ᵒC to 80 ᵒC (dependent on circulator system)
  • Stirring: Magnetic stirring with agitation bar
  • Internal capacity: The lighthouse can hold 18 mL plus a stirrer bar, maximum volume.
  • Base capacity: Either single, or up to 3 positions
  • Inlets: 1 Gas inlet (hosebarb for 8mm ID tubing included) and 2 inlets/outlets (for sampling/additions)
  • LED: 10 W
  • Material: Anodised aluminium body and base, quartz reactor rod head from carbon-filled PTFE
  • Popular purchase options:
    • ADS28-460: Single Position LightSyn Lighthouse – 460 nm
    • ADS28-365: Single Position LightSyn Lighthouse – 365 nm
    • ADS28-LA-460: 460 nm Light Assembly for LightSyn Lighthouse
    • ADS28-LA-365: 365 nm Light Assembly for LightSyn Lighthouse
    • ADS28-ACC: Accessory Pack for LightSyn Lighthouse
    • ADS28-TUBES: Spare Pack of Glass Vials
    • ADS28-PROBE: Spare Quartz Probe
  • NEW: Light assemblies now included in our range:
    • ADS28-LA-940
    • ADS28-LA-623
    • ADS28-LA-590
    • ADS28-LA-523
    • ADS28-LA-410
    • ADS28-LA-WHITE
    • ADS28-LA-740
    • ADS28-LA-395
    • ADS28-LA-850
    • ADS28-LA-390

Save 25% off an additional wavelength module when purchased with a complete kit - offer valid to 30th June 2024. Please contact us for further details.

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