Rotary Evaporators

We offer a wide range of rotary evaporators from manufacturers such as Buchi, Steroglass, Genser and IKA.

Choose from different rotation speeds, specialist glassware, manual or automated models and much more to ensure you have the right apparatus for your chemistry.

  • Buchi R100 rotary evaporator

    Buchi R-100 Rotary Evaporator

    High quality, entry level Rotovapor

  • Buchi R-300 Rotary Evaporator

    Fully expandable & configurable system

  • Genser Powervap rotary evaporator

    Unattended, safe and consistent operation

  • IKA RV 8 V-C rotary evaporator from Asynt chemistry

    IKA RV 8 V-C Rotary Evaporator

    Great value and performance

  • IKA rotary evaporators dry ice condensers with coated glassware

    IKA Dry Ice Rotary Evaporator Range

    Choose from the RV 10 Digital, RV 8 and the RV 3 - all with coated glassware

  • IKA RV 10 Digital V-C rotary evaporator from Asynt chemistry

    IKA Rotary Evaporator RV 10 Digital V-C

    With digital connectivity for a controlled lab

  • IKA RV 3 V-C rotary evaporator

    IKA RV 3 V-C Rotary Evaporator

    NEW entry level model

  • STRIKE100 Rotary Evaporator

    STRIKE Rotary Evaporators (20 L, 100 L)

    20 and 100 L Rotary Evaporators from Asynt

  • Water Bath Hollow Balls

    Water Bath Balls

    Reduce algae growth