Genser Powervap rotary evaporator

Fully automated technical rotary evaporator with rotating flask 6 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 litre

Technical Details of the POWERVAP®

  • Automatic filling and emptying of the rotating flask (patented).
  • Automatic emptying of the distillate chamber.
  • Generation of a desired product concentration.
  • Floating rotating flask, which contents is controlled by means of an inclinometer (patented).
  • The floating rotating flask reduces mechanical stresses, to achieve by constant tightness, a powerful distillation, even under permanent operation.


  • Excellent suitable for recovery of solvents.
  • Problem-free distillation of high boiling solvents.
  • Distillation of large amounts of solvent.
  • Concentration of extracts.
  • Concentration of fractions coming from HPLC.

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