Gas Generators

Asynt offer a wide range of laboratory gas generators to suit all your requirements.  We have shown a selection of these here but with so many options available, we recommend that you talk to us about your application and supply needs so that we can advise the best possible lab gas generator for your chemistry.

We offer nitrogen gas generators, oxygen generators, hydrogen generators and more, plus service and maintenance support.

  • HG Basic Hydrogen Gas Generator from Asynt - worldwide laboratory supplier

    HG Basic Hydrogen Gas Generator

    Generate up to 700 cc/min of hydrogen gas

  • HG Mini Hydrogen Gas Generator from Asynt

    HG MINI Hydrogen Gas Generator

    Small but mighty hydrogen gas generator

  • Triogen LAB2B ozone generator lab gas generator from Asynt

    Ozone generator

    Compact benchtop generator for lab research

  • NG SIRIO nitrogen generators n2 generators

    Nitrogen generators

    A constant supply of nitrogen at the push of a button

  • High capacity nitrogen generators NG CASTORE XL iQ

    High Capacity Nitrogen Generators

    Safe high capacity supply of nitrogen gas without canisters.

  • Membrane nitrogen generator series from Asynt

    Membrane Nitrogen Generators

    Pneumatic operation for easy use

  • Hydrogen intelligen gas generators

    HydroGen Intelligent Gas Generator

    Long-life multilayer electrolytic cell with polymeric membrane (PEM)

  • Servicing & Maintenance of lab gas generators and liquid nitrogen generators Asynt UK

    Servicing & Maintenance for lab gas & liquid nitrogen generators

    Experienced, knowledgeable & responsive support