Ozone generator

This corona discharge ozone generator is a small air-cooled unit designed for bench top use – perfect for the confines of the modern laboratory, and for laboratory research.

This popular compact system allows users to obtain a variable ozone output up to  10g O₃/h.  Operating on various feed gases, such as dried air or oxygen, this ozone generator can produce concentrations up to 10% volume.

It incorporates function indicators, feed gas flowmeter and variable output control and is simple to set up and use.

Output variation is manually adjustable using front panel controls and is straight forward to use.

How does this ozone generator work?

Ozone is produced when oxygen gas is passed over the ceramic
dielectric of an ozone generating module . The module is powered
by a high voltage/high frequency power board. The electronic
power board is designed for either intermittent or continuous
operation. The ceramic dielectric is housed within a finned heat
sink block which is air cooled by fan assisted atmospheric air.

(Also available in an alternative wall mounted format)


Asynt lab gas ozone generator technical specification

  • Variable ozone output up to 10g O3/h
  • Operate under vacuum or at maximum pressure of 10psig
  • Illuminating switches indicating ozone production and faults
  • Air cooled
  • O&M manual including performance graphs
  • Full twelve months warranty
  • Technical backup facilities
  • Feed gas: air or oxygen
  • Compact dimensions
  • Process:
    • Operating method: vacuum or pressure (10psi max.)
    • Module cooling medium: ambient air (fan assisted)
    • Connections: PVDF compression fitting to suit 8 mm (0.31 inch) OD PIPE
  • Materials:
    • Enclosure: mild steel, epoxy coated
    • Module: 316 stainless steel electrode assembly inside a ceramic dielectric tube supported by P.T.F.E end caps
  • Remote controls & signals:
    • Ozone ON-OFF: green illuminator switch
    • Fault: red illuminator switch
    • Flowmeter: 2-10l/min

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