Gas Bubblers

Need to keep your reaction under an inert atmosphere? Or maybe you have a Schlenk apparatus? Then these bubblers should prove a very useful tool.

Types 1 and 2 can be used with a reaction that needs an inerting blanket. A small amount of oil (silicone or mineral) is placed in the bubbler which allows a gentle flow of outgassing to be observed without any pressure issues to the apparatus.

Types 3 & 4 are for monitoring and isolating gas flow through apparatus, such as a Schlenk line.”

Types 1 & 2 are supplied, as standard, with a B19 cone fitting, GL14 screw threaded side-arms and removeable plastic hose connectors. Type 4 is supplied with GL14 screw threaded side-arms and removeable plastic hose connectors.

Part Numbers: (see gallery images for drawings)

  • GB-N2-01: No suck-back design, B19 cone, GL14 thread (Drawing 1)
  • GB-N2-02: Standard design, B19 cone, GL14 threads (Drawing 2)
  • GB-N2-03: Simple design with glass olives (Drawing 3)
  • GB-N2-04: Simple design with GL14 threads (Drawing 4)
  • GB-N2-05: No suck-back design, B24 cone, GL14 thread (Drawing 1)
  • GB-N2-06: Standard design, B24 cone, GL14 threads (Drawing 2)

Bubblers as depicted in drawings 1, 2 & 4 are supplied with plastic hose-bard connectors, as standard.

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