Flexible Device for Screening Chemical Reactions Under High Pressure

The Multicell PLUS is an exciting addition to the Asynt range of pressure reactors, offering scientists an extremely flexible and customisable device for screening chemical reactions under high pressure conditions.

With its own unique safety-locking mechanism and robust, adjustable support frame / lifting platform option, the Multicell PLUS high-pressure reactor sets a new benchmark for operator safety, all-round accessibility and ease-of-use.

Dr Mike Kenny of Asynt commented:

“The Multicell PLUS boasts an almost endless number of design combinations that gives the user complete flexibility when it comes to running parallel high-pressure reactions. As a chemist I really appreciate how the new Multicell PLUS allows you to set up different experimental options on each of the systems 8 reaction cells. Drawing upon the extensive capabilities of our UK manufacturing facility, and the expertise of our technical team, we are able to specify and custom-manufacture every Multicell PLUS so that it exactly meets the needs of each customer”.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, the Multicell PLUS standard unit operates up to 50 barg and temperatures up to 200 ºC. For more demanding chemistries Asynt offers options for the system to be manufactured from alternative materials which are able to withstand highly corrosive / caustic chemicals, and for increased operational conditions up to 200 barg and temperatures in excess of 300 ºC.  While the Multicell PLUS accommodates 8 x 30 mL cells as standard, options are offered for 4-, 6-, and 10-cell arrangements with individual cell volumes up to 100 mL. Motor-driven magnetically coupled overhead stirring is also offered as an option for more viscous reaction mixtures. The entry-level Multicell PLUS permits a common gas inlet supply allowing for a single gas inlet and connection to all vessels. Optional independent isolation of each cell offers ability to charge each vessel with a differing chemistry and pressures without cross contamination between cells. Users can choose from a range of options available for heating and cooling reactions on the Multicell PLUS.

Asynt Multicell-Plus high pressure parallel reactor

To watch a video introduction to the Multicell PLUS please see below:

For further information on Multicell PLUS please visit http://www.asynt.com/product/multicell-plus/ or contact us on +44-1638-781709 / [email protected].

Download the press release in full in PDF format HERE.

Un dispositif extrêmement flexible pour l’analyse des réactions chimiques sous haute pression
Flexibles Gerät zum Prüfen chemischer Hochdruck-Reaktionen
Dispositivo flexible para el análisis de reacciones químicas bajo alta presión