High pressure single reactors

The Asynt compact high pressure single reactors are designed for bench top use and allow for easy charging, product recovery, and cleaning.
In the smaller and mid-sized model the entire vessel is simply lifted out of the heater by hand and with no elaborate set up required, this is a simple but very effective unit. It is securely situated on your magnetic hotplate stirrer via a DrySyn adapter base.

Available in a wide range of standard sizes in two handy pressure ratings, these single position reactors offer great flexibility through a range of accessories and options.  You can choose from various build materials to suit your required temperature range and chemical resistance, but you can also incorporate multi-position inserts, borosilicate or PTFE vessel liners, alternative o-rings, and much more.

Another useful feature of the compact high pressure single reactors is that, because every one is manufactured to your specification, you can easily re-site the gauge to accommodate higher temperatures than usual, or alter the fittings on a particular port to suit your apparatus, or make any number of small but significant changes to suit your needs.

The standard specifications are incredibly useful to many scientists, however these are also available as an entirely bespoke reactor system to suit your needs.

Talk to us today and find out what the very best options for your chemistry are?

  • Heating and agitation via magnetic hotplate stirrer as standard with magnetic flea
  • Temperature control via PT100
  • Secure fitment to your hotplate via DrySyn adapter
  • Fail safe mechanism and optional bursting disc
  • Ideal for homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis studies
  • Gas insertion feed excellent for hydrogenation reactions
  • Clean, safe synthesis without the requirement of oil as your heating media
  • Standard low pressure models have design pressure of 55 barg, operating pressure of 50 barg.
  • Standard high pressure models have design pressure of 200 barg, operating pressure of 180 barg.
  • 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy C276 but other options available upon request
  • Reduction inserts available if required

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