Easily Interchangeable Wavelength Modules

Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation

Asynt has introduced a new modular version of its popular LightSyn Illumin8 photoreactor. This innovative system provides researchers with the flexibility to change quickly and safely between easily interchangeable wavelength modules – choosing from a selection of high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs) operating at wavelengths including UV (365 nm) and blue (450 nm).

How many interchangeable wavelength modules are available?

The LightSyn Illumin8 allows chemists to run up to 8 photochemical reactions in parallel using low-cost 8 mL tubes. Compact in size, this affordable yet high performance photoreactor offers up to eight interchangeable modules of eight UV or coloured LEDs with safety interlocks to ensure light-tight photochemical reactions. With each high-power LED positioned close to a corresponding reaction tube, the LightSyn Illumin8 efficiently delivers an even photon flux to each position, thus ensuring the consistency of your photochemical reactions. Active cooling also ensures that your reactions do not overheat from photo irradiation.

Safe photochemistry solution

Designed to replace ‘homemade’ photoreactor systems which offer inconsistent results and questionable operator safety, the modular LightSyn Illumin8 is simple to set-up, operationally flexible and easy to use with just one single on/off switch.

LightSyn Illumin8 parallel photoreactor with easily interchangeable wavelength modules

Simply mounted on a standard magnetic hotplate stirrer, photochemical reactions in your LightSyn Illumin8 can be powerfully agitated and heated up to 80 °C. To cater for air sensitive materials, connectors on top of the LightSyn Illumin8 allow for an inert atmosphere or vacuum to be applied to each reaction tube. These features, coupled with the ability to safely sample or make additions to each ongoing reaction, make the LightSyn Illumin8 the perfect tool for consistent and reliable photochemical reaction screening experiments.

LightSyn Illumin8 photochemistry reactor from Asynt with easily interchangeable LED rings

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You can view the full press release in PDF format here: Parallel Photoreactor Offers Easy Interchangeable Wavelength Excitation