Asynt March 2022 Newsletter – here we go!

Asynt March 2022 newsletter

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Here’s what we have in store for you in the Asynt March 2022 newsletter:

  • Asynt, home of the original “Syn”: DrySyn oil-free dry heating blocks, CondenSyn waterless condensers, LightSyn photochemistry tools, and PressureSyn high pressure reactor.  We have all your Syn’s covered!
  • My team queue up to use it:  Find out about the novel evaporation tool a UK research group can’t get enough of
  • Don’t sacrifice your chemistry in your efforts to work more sustainably – you don’t need to!
  • CHEMUK 2022:  FREE to attend, 2-in-1 UK chemistry exhibition
  • Chill out:  NEW compact kit for sub-ambient chemistry in parallel
  • Hatfield Med Chem Symposium: We’ll be there – will you?
  • Last chance: Don’t miss out on our Q1/2022 special offers, finishing soon.
  • New international partner:  Join us in welcoming Flochem to the Asynt distributor network
  • What’s the mystery element in Guinness: We explore who put the science into this legendary drink – and why!

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