World Environment Day 2021 Giveaway

It’s World Environment Day 2021 on Saturday 5th June 2021.  What does that mean to you?

There are basic changes that most households have made; reducing single-use plastic, recycling anything possible, choosing more sustainable brands and shopping with the environment always in our conscious thoughts.

For information about World Environment Day 2021 events taking place all around the world, you can visit the office website here:

But how can you work more sustainably in your lab?

Some might say that it isn’t the ideal environment to allow adaptation to greener methods but that simply isn’t true!  In tribute to World Environment Day 2021 we’ve made a list of 5 simple changes that you can make that will have a discernible positive impact for the environment, and for your budget – and then read on to find out how you can get your hands on one of these solutions for FREE in our giveaway!

  • Stop using oil baths:  potentially hazardous and messy, oil baths can contaminate your samples but you also have to deal with the smell and the regular changes and disposal of the oil – not great for the environment or for you!  Replace with oil-free heating blocks; the DrySyn range is designed to be ultra-easy to set up, safe to use, and can be configured in seconds to suit single or parallel synthesis.
    laboratory oil bath hazards against the DrySyn oil free heating block system for World Environment Day 2021
  • Swap out your water condensers:  it’s staggering to find out that that just one little water condenser, such as a Leibig condenser, running for six hours can have you quite literally pouring 600 litres of water down your drain.  That’s well over £400 worth in a year – from ONE condenser.  As well as that huge waste, they have a great potential for turning your lab into a swimming pool!  CondenSyn waterless air condensers come in a handy range of sizes to suit all your favourite flasks, and they’re really effective!  Easy to clean, easy to set up, easy to store, easy on the environment – what’s not to love?
    prevent water waste and floods in your lab - chemistry air condensers CondenSyn are water-free! World Environment Day 2021 - ideas for your lab!
  • Become more sustainable by using recirculating chillers:  did you know that you connect up to 4 rotary evaporators to just one recirculating chiller?  No more cooling water going down the drain!  You can quite literally save gallons of water, and give your budget a big helping hand all at once.
    combine four rotary evaporators with one recirculating chiller with Julabo and Asynt
  • Cool down in an inert atmosphere:  by using the DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor or the FroSyn Cooling Station you aren’t fighting the temperatures in your lab, thereby using less power.  That’s going to improve your reaction reproducibility too.
    Asynt FroSyn and DrySyn SnowStorm Reactor offer cooling in an inert atmosphere for better temperature control and reproducibility. Less costly on energy too!
  • Automate your reactions:  automation of your work can allow for greater control so there’s less scope for human error to cause an issue that would cost you time, supplies, and increased impact on the environment.
    IKA LabWorldSoft automation for laboratories via Asynt

The Asynt World Environment Day 2021 Giveaway

If you use Twitter or Instagram, hop on over to our feeds there and join in our simple World Environment Day 2021 giveaway!  It takes about 5 seconds to enter and you could be the lucky winner to get your hands on a set of any 3 standard CondenSyn to use in your lab.  If you’re unsure about making the change to air condensers why not give it a go?

Enter now!

Asynt World Environment Day 2021 giveaway

Asynt World Environment Day 2021 Giveaway on Instagram

The small print

This giveaway is open to all scientists worldwide who haven’t already purchased CondenSyn waterless air condensers.  One lucky winner will be selected at random from all entries over both platforms and this decision will be final.  Entries close at 9am GMT on Monday 7th June 2021 with the winner notified via their platform of entry and shared on our feed and the Asynt website.  This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram or Twitter and entry to the giveaway should be considered acceptance of these terms detailed. Good luck!