IKA Labworldsoft

The IKA Labworldsoft ® 6.0 software offers you the most advanced multi-purpose program for measuring, controlling and regulating your laboratory apparatus.

This software version allows users to network up to 64 devices simultaneously via one PC, thus making the automation of your laboratory experiments and processes much easier and efficient.

Measurements and processes may be run independently. You can also use other manufacturers apparatus with this software to integrate your whole lab into this very useful software, ensuring reduced processing times and increased productivity.

The communication between PC and laboratory device is performed via the serial interface RS 232 (COM1 or COM2). labworldsoft® allows for the fast recording of many physical parameters, such as torque, temperature, speed, pH, etc. These parameters can be represented on a y/t graph for easier data analysis and documentation.  You can open sessions in parallel and operate measurements and processes independently of each other. Benefit from reduced process times and higher productivity.

Free 30 day trial available – just ask!

Enhanced features include:

  • Enormous library of laboratory equipment
    • over 700 laboratory devices
    • over 40 manufacturers
    • customised implementation also available
  • Multiple language support (up to 10 languages)
  • More device support
  • Integrated license management
  • Online firmware update
  • XML support for importing / exporting older configuration files
  • Windows 7 support and up-to-date online help
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

Operating system compatibility:

Windows 2000 – yes
Windows XP – yes
Windows Vista – yes
Windows 7 – yes
Windows 8 – yes


Accessories available:

  • PC1 8.2 Plug-in card (PN: 8017500)
  • PC 4.1 RS 232 server (PN: 3192000)
  • PC 1.1 Cable (PN: 2616700)
  • PC 1.5 Cable (PN: 2756000)
  • PC 2.3 Cable (PN: 3036200)

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